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Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The Canon EOS C500 Mark II 5.9K Full-Frame Camera is a popular cinema camera that offers a number of advanced features and capabilities that make it a strong contender for professional filmmakers and videographers. Here are some reasons why the Canon C500 Mark II is considered one of the best cinema cameras:

  1. Full-frame sensor: The camera features a full-frame sensor that offers excellent low-light performance and shallow depth-of-field control, which is important for cinematic-style filmmaking.

  2. Internal Raw recording: The camera offers internal Raw recording, allowing filmmakers to capture the highest quality image data and greater flexibility in post-production.

  3. Dual Pixel autofocus: The camera features Dual Pixel autofocus technology, which provides fast and accurate autofocus performance, making it easy to capture moving subjects and maintain focus on a subject's face.

  4. High frame rates: The camera can shoot at up to 60fps in 5.9K and 120fps in 2K, allowing for slow-motion and creative effects.

  5. Versatile mounting options: The camera features multiple mounting points and can be used with a variety of accessories, making it easy to configure for different shooting scenarios.

  6. Advanced color grading options: The camera offers advanced color grading options, including Canon's Cinema RAW Light format, which provides greater flexibility in post-production and allows for a more cinematic look.


Overall, the Canon C500 Mark II is a versatile and capable cinema camera that offers advanced features and capabilities that make it an excellent choice for professional filmmakers and videographers. However, it's important to note that there are many other excellent cinema cameras on the market, and the best camera for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Recommended Accessories

All in all the "C500 MKII" is one of the most versatile Cinema Cameras available with image quality and functionality that stacks up with the best for half to a quarter of the price.

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